The seed can only contain numbers.

The Journey for Water is made to highlight the water shortage issue in Africa. The game is currently in development and you can Follow it here. The game will be free to use when finished, and you will have the option to donate money to the cause.  All donations will go to a project at


I love technology and I am currently studying a bachelor in Manufacturing And Operations Engineering. I believe that if all humans have the possibility to study, future technology will come faster. This is the reason that I am currently making this game in my spare time. Often when donating to charity you just get a “Thank you", but here we can collect money as a community and donate that as whole to a project. Furthermore this gives us the option to follow the development of that project and of course you, the donaters, gets a game that you can play and enjoy.

The current state of the game is not optimized for WebGl.


When you play the game, you are a little girl who needs to collect water for her village. The maps are randomly generated with 4,294,967,294 different seeds. I am planning on making three difficulty settings so everyone can enjoy it at their own pace.


 The Journey for Water will be downloadable with better graphics than the web version has. 

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